Individual therapy 

1st Session Individual (1 hr) $110.00

Individual Follow-up Sessions (45-50 min) $100.00



1st Session Couple/Family (1 hr) $160.00

Couple/Family Follow-up (50-55 min) $130.00


Benefits of not using insurance for mental health therapy  

  • You are able to choose who knows you're in treatment and related information about your treatment. In some cases you may only want that information limited to you and your therapist.

  • Benefits are only granted when you disclose a level of confidential information to your insurance company.   

  • Insurance determines if you are eligible for therapy rather than leaving that decision to you and your therapist. 

  • Insurance requires a mental health diagnosis to receive treatment. That diagnosis remains on your medical record. 

  • Your insurance plan dictates how many sessions you receive, regardless of what would best benefit your treatment. 

  • Insurance plans often change, which means your therapist may no longer be covered. 

  • Insurance companies often dictate the length of sessions to 45 minutes. 

  • Insurance companies often change their policy on therapy coverage depending on your particular diagnosis. Some diagnoses are not covered, and in some cases, some result in higher co-pays.  

  • It is rare for Insurance plans to pay for marital or relationship therapy.