Sexual Addiction Therapy for Men 


You might be here because you’ve tried everything and you're still acting out sexually. Your wife might have told you to get help or she's leaving. You hate yourself for sexually acting out but the only thing that makes you feel better is more acting out. A job loss, STD, arrest, divorce, crippling shame and a ship wrecked relationship with God are some of the reasons men seek me out. A great misconception is to believe you are the only one with this problem. The truth is, there are many out there struggling and it takes a man of courage to move forward. I counsel men just like you, to break free from addiction and live the life they were called to live. 

Sex addiction Counseling Vancouver WA

Sexual Behaviors and situations I help men overcome through COunseling:


Pornography Addiction, Sexting, Affairs, Prostitution, Strip clubs, Adult bookstores  


Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

Obsessive thoughts

Open relationships (Inviting others into your sexual relationship with significant other)

Sexual abuse, Trauma, Dysfunctional and Abusive childhoods 

Emotional anorexia (Lack of emotional closeness particularly with a spouse)

Broken relationship with God


Relapse prevention


What Sexual addiction Treatment looks like

In our first counseling session we'll examine behaviors of sexually acting out and develop a treatment plan. From there you'll walk away with practical tools to reduce and stop sexually acting out. We will examine your typical relapse pattern including triggers, thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and cycle of addiction. We'll identify specific points where clinical skills can be applied to combat urges and withdraw symptoms.    

Following counseling sessions will be used to identify and understand the addictive pull. We'll identify trauma, needs, emotional awareness, coping skills and the relational aspect of sex addiction.  

Concluding counseling sessions will induce relapse prevention plans, safety plans, tools and resources for life long sexual freedom. A greater emphasis will be placed on maintaining and growing emotionally intimate relationships with your spouse, family, loved ones and friends. 

Pornography, Shame and Sex Addiction Part 1

Pornography, Shame and Sex Addiction Part 2   


Become the man you've always wanted to be, a man of integrity and courage. Pass on a legacy of sexual health to the next generation. Have a marriage that blesses and edifies, built on honesty, commitment and love.

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