Christian Counseling | Vancouver, WA

I believe that the greatest healing possible is a relationship with Jesus. It's through Jesus that we are spiritually restored and we look forward to the complete restoration of our body and mind. I get the privilege of partnering with God to bring healing of body, soul and mind. I take this privilege seriously as I pray for my clients, invite the Spirit and ask for His wisdom. I actively seek to integrate Christian counseling by using: 

  • Scripture  

  • Prayer 

  • Personal identity in Christ  

  • Biblical worldview to life's challenges 

  • Outside ministries that aid in healing  

My beliefs  

I believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, salvation is through Christ alone, and in the doctrine of the Trinity. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to contact me about them. It's important that you understand my beliefs, are MY beliefs. I don't expect you to adopt them and I'll work with anyone, regardless of their personal beliefs. I will respect your own spiritual journey and will not impose my own beliefs. What I will do, is collaborate with you to integrate your beliefs into your daily life, to provide meaning, purpose and destiny.   

I believe that God loves you more than anyone ever could. You were created for a purpose and you are inherently valuable. God created our mind, body and spirit to work in harmony and he is concerned about your whole being. Sin has affected all parts of us, mind, body and spirit. Christian counseling integrated with mental health therapy can address all parts of the person. 

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