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What do I mean when I say I'm a Christian Counselor? First, please know that I'll work with anyone regardless of their religious beliefs and I won't impose my own. Regardless of my client's faith, the heart of what I do is for the Glory of God, I actively exercise my God given gifts to minister to men and male teens. I have had a call on my life to help people from a young age and I love what I do. For some clients that means we openly talk about God in session, and for other clients we never mention God. 

I love integrating faith into mental health therapy. I believe that it's through faith that we are most deeply known and most deeply know. The creator of your mind, body and spirit gives purpose, direction and hope in the darkest places. Some of the most amazing therapy sessions are recorded in the Psalms. Psalm 6 captures the heart, pain and cycle of depression, Psalm 73 graphically depicts the pits of envy and jealousy, Psalm 91 shows the protective mother* we have in God and Psalm 139 demonstrates how intimate of a father* God is.  

*(God transcends gender but reflects our gender roles, which both come from His image. See Genisis 1:27).   

I actively integrate scripture, prayer and identity into sessions while addressing spiritual barriers, wounds and shame that guys are stuck in. It is amazing to see guys reconnect with their faith, knowing that they are loved, supported and have a purpose in life. God doesn’t waste any of your wounds, He restores and equips you through His love, to be a conqueror in the areas you were most wounded.     

I often get mothers, wives, girlfriends and fiancées seeking help for the men and sons in their lives. These amazing women want the best for the guys in their lives who are struggling. In many cases the guys are not active in their faith and might even be resistant. I work with these men by respecting their personal decision of faith. I never push my values or beliefs on them, but I remain open and look for signs that these men are reaching out for God. In this environment men can ask questions, state doubts and vent their hurts and frustrations. If a client is resistant to faith, we may never talk about God or spirituality but family can rest assured that I will never direct any client away from God in the attempt of mental health therapy.  

If you have any specific questions about my faith or how I integrate Christian counseling please contact me.   

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About Me: I'm a Christian counselor in Vancouver, WA. I specialize in treating male teens and men's counseling. Please contact me with any questions about my blog, counseling or to set up an appointment.

All information and opinions shared on this blog are for educational purposes only. Please contact me or another mental health care provider for diagnosis and treatment. 

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