Do Guys Get Depressed?

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Short answer, yes. 6 million a year.* There is a societal stigma around depression for both men and women. Depression is becoming more accepted and normalized but has a long way to go. Untreated depression accounts for more than 43.7 Billion dollars a year in lost time, reduced production and treatment costs.*  Men experience even more stigma about being depressed because it goes against the narrative of being a strong, independent, emotionally balanced provider.  

Women tend to have an easier time identifying depression when compared to men.  Women experience more of the common emotions associated with depression, sadness and hopelessness. Men may experience irritable moods, anger and hostility and confuse depression with stress or life discomfort.  

Guys, I can't encourage you enough to stop thinking about depression as a moral failure or weakness and see it as a medical issue that needs to be treated. I doubt you'd guilt a friend for getting his diabetes or cholesterol treated, why guilt yourself? Counseling is an effective means of treating depression. I offer skills and tools that you'll use the rest of your life, most guys weren't taught these skills and are struggling as a result. Contact me to see how counseling can change the trajectory of your life.   

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