Men's Counseling | Vancouver, WA

Men are strong, work alone, get the job done and never show weakness. Works great in a Rambo movie but not so much in real life. I find that men spend a lot of time and emotional energy trying to be validated by others. Men can't share their need for validation, that'd make them look weak, so they grab risk free validation or something to numb the ache inside.  

Maybe you can't remember the last time you were happy, life's lost its joy and you're along for the ride. A lot of men assume, "being angry and distant is just who I am." That statement is a dirty lie, I help men experience the truth. 

Anxious and compulsive thoughts don't have to be your normal. I will help you experience peace and a new calm. You can take back your life, have clarity of thought and stop riding the "what if" thought train that you've been on.   

I work exclusively with men, treating a wide range of men's issues. My goal is to give you tools that meet your specific needs. I get great satisfaction from helping men become empowered in areas they used to struggle.

I routinely see men struggle in these areas: 

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I work with men to understand themselves, gain tools, be authentic and face life's challenges. Contact me to learn more.