Are You Happy?

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Think back to the times when you were most happy. A common element in happiness is contentment, but how often are we content?

We are taught very young in life to want more and not be satisfied with the status quo. We put a lot of energy into looking at what's wrong, broken and needs improvement. I call this the "better" attitude. Having this kind of attitude pushes us to grow, accomplish more and have more. Commercials jump on this concept by pushing us to want the newest model, technology, gadget and the most up-to-date information available. This concept drives our economy, advancements and self-image.

For all of the positives in the "better" attitude there are consequences. If we are always striving to be better we overlook the present. We hyper-focus on the negative and our mood and relationships suffer as a result. We miss all of the great things that are happening in this moment. Even if the present is filled with pain and strife, there are things to be grateful for. Small things can include the sun rise, another breath in my lungs and the smell of a flower.

It takes intentionality to create an attitude of gratitude. We are accustomed to look for the broken, wrong, and out of date. An attitude of gratitude will force you to slow down and accept what is. It will

feel foreign at first but overtime it will become natural. Your mood, relationships and life outlook will change. Gratitude is contagious, watch it grow.

30 Day challenge

Over the next 30 days ask yourself these questions:

What inspired me today?

What surprised me today?

What am I thankful for today?

Write your responses down each day.

Read Psalms 50:8-14. What's God's attitude towards more? Is being thankful an act of worship to God? How could you incorporate an attitude of gratitude into your spiritual life?

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